Knightswood House is a financial planning firm

We specialise in working with time poor, busy professionals aged 50+ who are starting to think about stopping work and enjoying a life outside of their career. Often times things look great on the outside. They are successful professionally, they make really good money and have a great lifestyle – or at least their family does.

But generally their number one concern is:

“I can see my career is coming towards the end, but I don’t have an exit strategy and I don’t know if I can afford my life if I’m not working.”

We do three things for our clients:

We help them live the life they would like to, we take away their money worries, and we make it easy for them.

We work with our clients to help them get clear on what is important to them and develop a plan to pay for them. Often they feel an immediate sense of relief, and they are more confident about their future, because they know they will be able to afford to do the things that are important to them.

There are far too many people who don’t enjoy life after their career is over because they haven’t planned properly. They might have all the money in the world but they are miserable because they haven’t found anything to replace work in their life. Or they might have overindulged while working and so didn’t save enough, and now their options are limited.

David is a regular writer and speaker on these issues. He has also written a book specifically on the issues affecting the well-being of doctors.


Knightswood House is named after the family home of the founder and principal advisor David Hazlewood.

Our home was built over 110 years ago, and is still standing strong. This is a testament to the planning and design, and the quality of the workmanship that went into it originally.

It has been a part of the lives of many families over this time. It’s provided shelter and hospitality for family and friends, been a place of learning and growth, and a base from which to explore the world.

Over the years it has been modified to cater for the changing needs of its owners, and the changing styles and fashions of the time.

But the essential structure remains the same, and will remain, long after we are gone.

Your money and investments are much like our home. They provide you with security and opportunities, means and choices. The structure of your assets and the design of your portfolio establish the strength of your wealth, and this combined with how you use it and how well you maintain it will determine its longevity.

Your assets should serve your purpose and your needs, but we are mindful of the future and the potential impact they can have on future generations.

Knightswood House has built a team of experts to cater to the needs of the time poor professional as they move towards and through retirement. These include investment professionals and portfolio managers, tax and accounting advisers, legal advisers, executive coaches, business strategists, marketing specialists, finance brokers and insurance experts. Some of these are part of our business, while others are brought into the team to work directly with you as and when you require their skills. Where you are already dealing with an appropriate expert we will work with them too.

Our role is to project manage and co-ordinate these specialists for you, simplifying your life while ensuring you achieve the right outcome.


Dave is the founder and principal advisor of Knightswood House. He is a father to Savannah and Eliza and husband to Jenn.

He is an athlete, and while certainly not in the elite category, has to date completed 9 marathons on 4 continents including the London, Boston and Tokyo marathons, and the gruelling 6 Foot Track Marathon in the Blue Mountains. He is a hoarder of running shoes, a collector of his running data and statistics, and according to his daughters generally disgusting and sweaty after a run. Thankfully the family dog Zumi loves running, and although he’ll refuse to go outside at night for a comfort stop if it’s cold or wet, will sulk and cry if he is not taken out in the same weather for a morning run.

Dave is an adventurer and traveller. He has dived on wrecks in Vanuatu, with Whale Sharks in WA and with Humpback whales in Nuie. He has ridden a Harley Davidson around the Grand Canyon. sailed Australia’s East Coast, survived the New York subway and the nightclubs of Ibiza (it was a long time ago though).

He loves cooking for family and friends and sitting around the dining table telling stories. He enjoys short black coffees (but never in a takeaway cup), good wine and ales, although he maintains the best drink is a horrid looking blue sports drink after a long, hot run.

Dave studied psychology and history at Sydney University, after realising that not coping with the sight of blood ruled him out of a career in medicine. What is interesting is that the field of psychology has followed him into finance. Initially this was through Behavioural Economics, but lately there has been significant research into the impact of retirement on an individual’s well-being, and what contributes to a successful retirement beyond financial resources.

Dave is a Certified Financial Planner and has been providing advice to families and individuals for over twenty years. He has spoken at conferences and to different groups about financial issues and how to ensure a successful retirement. He is also the author of the book ‘Clinical Trials’ which was written specifically for medical professionals about how to achieve financial well-being.

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At its core, what we do for our clients is:

We take away their
money worries

We make the whole process easy

We help them live their best life


Retirement is sometimes described as The Golden Years, but this is a hopeful description, and not a promise. There are too many professionals who don’t enjoy their life after they retire because they haven’t planned properly.

I see how hard they work, and how little time is left over for themselves. In many cases it seems they devote so much time to their career that their life is largely put on hold until their career ends. But I’ve seen where that goes, and I know what happens if you don’t get it right.

You might have all the money in the world and it can be really well managed. But what are you going to do with all of your free time now that you aren’t working?

Unfortunately there is often an expectation that everything will fall into place once the money issues are sorted. That’s the line most of the finance profession pushes too. Retirement is reduced to a number, a dollar target, and once you reach that the heavens part and you live happily ever after.

The initial six to twelve months after you stop working is best described as ‘Me Time’. This is a chance for you to reward yourself by doing all of the things you have put off because of your professional and family commitments or financial constraints. It’s a chance to indulge yourself for all of the years of hard work and diligence.

After this initial period of uninterrupted leisure though, most people will stop and say:

“I’m bored – now what?”

If you don’t understand what makes you tick and you can’t find something to replace work in your life you will be bored and miserable. And you will wonder why you retired.

Equally an issue is if your finances are neglected throughout your working life because you don’t have time.

Your family (and hopefully you) may enjoy a great lifestyle while you are working. If your finances are a mess though and you haven’t saved enough, your options will be severely restricted and you’ll be left with just memories of times past, and regrets for what might have been.

We don’t want this to be you.


There are lots of elements that must come together to ensure you can afford your life after you stop working,
but it really comes down to three things:


You need to have very clear goals about how you plan to spend the next phase of your life, and what else you wish to achieve beyond this. Many people will gloss over this and come up with something superficial.

But we are talking about how you plan to spend 20 plus years of your life plus your legacy, so we think it makes sense to spend time really thinking about this and finding what is right for you based on your values and your lifestyle.


Once you know what you want to be able to do, you need a clear and well defined plan to ensure you have enough money to afford to do it.

And we know things don’t always go to plan, so we need to make allowances for the unexpected.


Finally, your money needs to be managed exceptionally well to ensure it lasts as long as you need it to, and continues to make an impact once you are gone.

You may presently have gaps in one or two of these areas. Generally this is because you don’t have the free time to deal with these issues or the complexity has you pulling your hair out.

Until now, you haven’t known where to get help.

Our solution is to help you get super clear on what your goals are and what’s important to you, we develop a customised plan for your circumstances and develop an ongoing management strategy where you work in partnership with us to deliver the results.

Sometimes this isn’t so simple and you may want to do more than you can presently afford. This is only really an issue if you have already stopped work. If not, we provide you with a framework to evaluate the options and trade-offs available so you can make an informed decision about whether for example to discard an objective or perhaps continue working a bit longer than planned.

Importantly, you are the one in control.


Time is my most valuable commodity. Working with David gives me back my time.
David provides a safety net for Trish in case anything happens to me.


Operating a sole practice means my income is always at risk. David helps me to find the balance between the returns I need and the risks I am comfortable taking, and ensures we capitalize on the good times.


The major benefit I have enjoyed by working with David is that I no longer have to think about our financial affairs.


Working with David has provided me with the Security of knowing we have looked at our position and developed a plan to achieve the things that are important to us. As a result I have the Peace of Mind of knowing that I am in control.


We have worked with David for many years now. This constancy means we don’t constantly need to explain ourselves to other people every time we need something or come in for a review. David has provided us with an overall structure that has simplified our financial affairs, and our regular meetings provide the disclipine to ensure we remain on track.

Xavier & Frances

Working with David ensures I don’t get surprises.


I don’t feel intimidated when speaking to David. I am comfortable speaking to him and don’t think that I will be thought of as an idiot.


Working with David provides reassurance that someone has my back. It also ensures my investment returns are not the result of pot luck



Are you over 50 years of age and working as a professional?

Do you work hard, putting in long hours, but generally enjoy the work?

Do you struggle to balance your professional life and your personal one?

Does it feel like your family enjoys a great lifestyle, but you don’t have the time to?

Are you hoping this will change when you stop working?

Do you worry about how you are going to continue paying for your lifestyle after you stop working?

Have you seen friends, colleagues and family members forced to stop work for health reasons or because their company has restructured?

Do you worry about what would happen to you if you had to stop working early?

Many of our clients start out like this.

They are working hard, earning good incomes and enjoying a good lifestyle (or at least their family is). They may still be paying off a mortgage (particularly if they have been divorced), and they are saving for their retirement.

They usually have children, and whether young or old they create their own set of worries. If they are still young there are often concerns about school fees, whereas those with older children may be supporting them through university, want to help them get onto the property ladder or help with the costs of raising grandchildren.

They don’t feel in control of their finances, and they are worried.


As a medical professional, your job and finances are complex and, at times, more tenuous than is perceived by the general public.

Economic, technical and especially legislative changes will place a lot of pressure on medical professionals over the coming decades.

Navigating this journey is not easy.

The experience of successfully managing your finances, life choices and medical careers can be compared to competing in the Sydney to Hobart, yacht race. Unfortunately, not every crew will make it to Hobart sailing up the Derwent River and on to the finishing line.

Will the journey be smooth sailing or will storms clouds form on the horizon? In many ways the conditions are less important than the preparation, training and flexibility of the crews. While planning and being prepared for surprises can create upsets, it can also produce respectable results. Like many aspects of human endeavour, knowing and understanding your own abilities, weaknesses and ultimate goals have a large influence over the outcome.

 “Clinical Trials” outlines the choices available for you as a doctor and challenges pre-existing views of what can and cannot be done.

Download the E-Book

Simply complete the form below and we will email you the e-book.


When was the last time you stopped and considered your overall financial position?

If you haven’t done so for some time, or even if you have but like to ensure you remain on top of things we invite you to complete our short 9 question Financial Health Check. We estimate it will take you 2 minutes to complete.

We do not ask for any specific financial information from you.

The questions cover the areas we consider critical to your financial well-being, and are designed to help you examine your position.

Upon completion we will email you a personalised report on your overall position and your responses to each question, together with a suggested course of action if we feel it is warranted.

To get started simply enter your name and email address and you will be automatically directed to the Health Check page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email at or during business hours on (02) 9959 0550.

Get Started Now


David is available for presentations to groups on the issue of planning for a life after work.

These are educational sessions and are designed to provide an overview of the issues that need to be considered, as well as strategies and tactics for dealing with them.

We regularly run workshops for small groups of clients in our office.

Interested in attending?



P. 02 9959 0510

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