Wealth Management

We help you protect and grow your wealth over the long-term taking into account your specific financial goals, risk tolerance and personal circumstances.

Investment Management

“My crystal ball smashed years ago.”

Join us at Knightswood House, and you are sure to hear Dave say this many times!


Research proves how difficult it is not only to predict economic events, but also the impact they will have on investment markets.

We believe investment management is not about following hunches or intuition, taking unnecessary risks or making emotional decisions.

We take an evidence-based approach to managing your investments, using sound data and rigorous research and analysis. Research shows how difficult it is to consistently outperform investment markets. As a result we aim to help you capture the returns of the broad market in an efficient, cost-effective way without taking unreasonable risks.

What does this mean in practice?

Diversification – investing in a wide range of assets across different geographies, sectors and asset classes to minimize risk.

Asset Allocation – determining the right mix of assets for you based upon your risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals.

Cost Control – minimizing fees and expenses to maximise returns.

Rebalancing – periodically adjusting your portfolio to maintain the desired asset allocation and risk profile.

Patience – recognizing that investing is a long-term endeavour and that short term fluctuations in the market are a normal part of the process.

Many clients have unique concerns that require a specialized approach to investment management. We can help you address these concerns and develop a comprehensive investment strategy that aligns with your goals and values, diversifies your portfolio and minimizes your risk.


Designed to help you save and invest for your retirement, superannuation is just an investment vehicle which attracts generous tax concessions on contributions, investment earnings and retirement income payments.

Super is generally an important component of your retirement plans, and we can ensure you understand the opportunities (including tax benefits) available to help you build your nest egg and then draw an income from it, and that your money is works as hard for you as you’ve worked to earn it.

Sustainable Investment

Sustainable investment strategies consider the social and environmental impact of your investments.

Companies that are well positioned to take advantage of long-term trends such as the transition to clean energy and sustainable food production present can represent an opportunity while avoiding companies are exposed to environmental, social or governance risks may help protect your nest egg.

Sustainable investment strategies can provide you with a range of benefits, including the potential for long term returns, reduced risk, alignment with personal values and the opportunity to drive positive social and environmental impact.

We’ll give you a clear and concise picture of how your investments can be made in this increasingly popular area.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

An SMSF may provide you with greater control and flexibility over your retirement savings.

Many people associate an SMSF with more investment flexibility, including the opportunity to invest in direct property assets. However, an SMSF opens up many more opportunities than just investments. These can include:

  • Combining your savings with other members of your family to create a family investment vehicle.
  • Combining your savings with a business partner/s to purchase premises for your business.
  • Flexibility in the management of your retirement income accounts to better align with your estate planning goals.


Setting up an SMSF is a significant financial decision and requires professional advice. We can help you assess whether an SMSF might be suitable, and if appropriate guide you through the establishment and ongoing administration of your fund.


If you’re interested in providing long-term support to charitable causes there may be benefits in establishing a specific vehicle to fund this. This can be something that provides the opportunity to develop a strategy for charitable giving supported by the whole family.

Setting aside money specifically for this purpose can also be extremely tax effective, particularly if it coincides with the sale of a significant asset or you have a period of very high income. The appropriate structure can assist you to leverage your capital to support your long-term philanthropic aims and maximise the impact of your generosity.